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Landlord-Tenant Issues

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlords relish their dream tenants — the ones who pay on time, keep the rental property clean and never complain. Tenants relish their dream landlords — the ones who never raise the rent, who keep the property landlord-1in good order and respond to repair requests promptly. In both cases, the dream is rare and can easily become a nightmare.

When a dispute arises between a landlord and a tenant in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, Henley & Henley, P.C. can help you resolve the issue. Our law firm represents either the landlord or the tenant in a dispute.

Eviction Disputes

Most landlords require their tenants to sign a lease or rental agreement. Some of these agreements are custom forms, some are templates. These agreements will have different levels or degrees of enforceability. In some cases, there is no written agreement and the landlord/tenant dispute becomes a case of “he said, she said.”

Many of these disputes arise out of eviction attempts. An eviction can arise out of failure to pay the rent, late payment of rent, withholding the rent, not following the rules regarding noise, cleanliness and subleases, or with no real reason at all.

Our experienced team of lawyers handles matters such as:

  • Fighting an eviction notice
  • Enforcing an eviction notice
  • Collection of rent issues
  • Defense of rent increases or rent withholding
  • Dispute regarding the lease terms
  • Plaintiff or defense in security deposit disputes