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Experienced Divorce Attorneys on Your Side

At Henley & Henley, P.C., we are Dallas divorce lawyers who handle ALL kinds of divorces — from the friendliest uncontested divorce where we represent one of the parties whose spouse participates without an attorney, to the most serious of divorce circumstances, such as those requiring the termination of parental rights.

divorceHenley & Henley, P.C. is a Dallas family law firm that defines the phrase “conflict resolution” and is dedicated to helping couples keep the costs of a divorce as low as possible — and that includes both the emotional costs and the financial costs. We offer a variety of services, including providing the information our clients need to determine whether or not to get divorced at all.

The more a couple can make their own decisions about their divorce, the more they will stay out of court and the more money they will save. Henley & Henley, P.C. uses our attorneys’ combined 50 years of experience to make sure all clients’ rights are protected and ALL the necessary issues are discussed and resolved, while still allowing both parties to maintain control over their agreement to the highest degree possible. This is NOT the kind of lawsuit where a “windfall” check is going to arrive at the end. The less parties spend on fighting, the less they will spend on attorney fees and the more money they will have to divide between themselves.

Whether or not a couple has children, Friendlier is Cheaper. A divorce is a life-impacting experience, and we help our clients see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our experienced team of attorneys will explain how Dallas/Fort Worth Texas judges deal with issues regarding basic needs so that the couple can maintain the status quo while the divorce is pending.

If the couple has children, the prime questions are these:

  • In contested child custody cases, where will the child live?
  • How much will child support be?
  • What kind of visitation of children will there be?

Studies show that it is essential for children to know that they are not responsible for their parents’ divorce. Kids learn much about life while watching their parents divorce: how to treat the opposite sex, how to handle anger, how to compromise, how to handle disappointment, how to overcome diversity, how to forgive, how to make the best out of a bad situation. Kids will use their parents as role models and, later in life, whenever they face any problems with their own relationships, they will act just like they saw their mom or dad do.

The couple will each be required to take a parenting class and to file the original of the certificate of completion with the court. This is not really about parenting as much as it is about the effects of divorce on kids. We will provide a variety of acceptable classes so that a client can choose one with the most convenient date, time and location.

What if it GETS UGLY?

Unfortunately, sometimes the circumstances are such that the divorce requires a tough, aggressive legal approach. Even in these cases, a client can be confident that our experienced team of lawyers will use their negotiating skills to obtain the best result. Sometimes, a court hearing and/or trial is necessary. Whatever it takes, any client of Henley & Henley, P.C. can rely on their commitment and dedication to work hard to get the best possible outcome. The parties may go to divorce mediation prior to trial. In this situation, your attorney represents you at the mediation, which would also be attended by the spouse and his or her attorney.

Of course, our office also deals with many Texas family law issues in addition to divorce.

Henley & Henley, P.C. is dedicated to the practice of family law. We are located in Dallas and handle family law cases in the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding counties.