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Child Custody

Texas Child Custody Lawyers

Facts, information and custody legal guide

ccustody-1Children are often innocent casualties of a divorce. While most people agree that no divorce is ever easy, children often bear the brunt of the hostility between two parents who can no longer work out their differences. Unfortunately, divorces between people with children are on the rise, and even though there are thousands of well-meaning people, few children escape the trauma of a divorce unscathed. For this reason and countless others, the concern of the court is often reflected in the manner of deciding which parent should care for these children.

Child custody laws after a divorce involve a range of rights and responsibilities that encompass many diverse concepts, some of which are unique and others that overlap with other duties. The court will weigh any number of variables and determine what is in the best interest for the child, seeing that the child or children are spared as much emotional trauma as possible. Protracted legal battles often cloud the issue at hand: doing what is the best for your children, and making sure they remember that they are loved no matter what the outcome.

ccustody-3The details for child custody laws are sometimes a bit complicated to understand, but a knowledgeable and experienced Texas child custody lawyer will help sort through the confusing legal obligations. Your children are too precious to risk endangering them with someone who will not love and nurture them in the way that they deserve. They are worth fighting for, and the Dallas child custody attorneys at Henley & Henley, P.C. will be your ally through every battle and decision.