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05.24.12 – Henley & Henley, P.C. gets $500,000 for client in settlement

Dallas News |

The City of Dallas settled a case from an incident that occurred in January 2011 for $500,000 today. Roderick Lyles was driving his car when he was pulled over. It then turned into a federal civil rights case based on excessive use of force by Dallas Police.

“He [Mr. Lyles] had a warrant out for his arrest for driving while he had his license suspended and he had his license suspended because he could not pay the insurance,” said Geoff Henley, Lyles’ attorney. “He told the officers at the time, ‘You’re gonna need two handcuffs for me to reach around,’ ” Mr. Henley continued.

Officer Quintemes Williams and two other officers had trouble cuffing a cooperating Mr. Lyles and they fell over with Mr. Lyles landing on Officer Williams.

“When Rodarick falls on Williams, Williams blows up like Mount Vesuvius. That’s when you start seeing all the activity on the ground and he blows up pretty fast,” Geoff Henley said.

Video shows Williams repeatedly striking Lyles in the head and striking Lyles with his flashlight until the flashlight was taken away by other officers. Then Williams used his feet to kick Lyles, pepper spray etc. when as shown in the video Mr Lyles was not resisting at all and was asking why he was being treated in this manner.

Some information and excerpts of this article were obtained from a more detailed article at MyFoxDFW by Shaun Rabb. To see the complete FoxDFW article PLUS VIDEO please click here.

02.29.12 – Redesigned company website

The new redesigned website was launched today. “The new design is intended to provide a more comprehensive representation of our law firm and better inform our current clients and prospective clients what our capabilities are,” said Geoff Henley today.

06.01.2011 – New corporate offices

Henley & Henley, P.C. announced the move of their corporate offices to 3300 Oak Lawn, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas 75219. The move was the result of the need for more office space to accommodate increased staffing needs. “The economy in general may be slow, but our law firm is doing very well because of hard work and our extreme dedication to each and every client,” said Geoff Henley.

Henley & Henley, P.C. also shares the corporate office with corporate offices for their sister firm, Adobe Title, LLC. For more information on Adobe Title, a growing independent, Texas-based title company, please go to the Adobe Title website.