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We will keep you updated on the Kelvion Walker case

We will keep you updated on the Kelvion Walker case

The firm will continue to update our clients and the community with details regarding Kelvion Walker v. Amy Wilburn.  The case has received significant local media coverage in stories like these.; The firm has filed an amended complaint, and is awaiting the filing of an original answer by Defendant Amy Wilburn.

On January 1st prosecutors must turn over more evidence to defendants

Since the United States Supreme Court decided Brady v. Maryland in 1963, prosecutors across the country have been required to disclose exculpatory evidence.  Such evidence may help establish innocence, or indicate that a lesser crime was committed.  Brady evidence is material if “there is a reasonable probability that a conviction or sentence would have been different had these materials been Read More

Insulin deprivation to Tibbetts likely cruel & unusual punishment

The death of Sarah Tibbetts in custody due to insulin deprivation is offensive.  See  If accounts that jailers knew she needed insulin are accurate, then there is a cause of action under the Eighth Amendment, because such a deprivation is tantamount to cruel & unusual punishment.  Tibbetts’s estate and heirs, though, would have to prove more Read More

Irving woman dies from diabetes while in custody

What is police brutality?

Traditionally, police brutality occurs when law enforcement employs “excessive force” during a stop, search, detention or arrest of an individual. Excessive force cases may be filed in state or federal court as such acts involve state common law torts (namely assault and/or battery) and civil rights infringements under the Fourth Amendment which may be pursued Read More

What can be done about police brutality?

Lawsuits for money damages may be filed against individual officers and the cities and counties that employ them for acts of police brutality. Such lawsuits are similar–but in many ways quite different–from traditional personal injury lawsuits. They are typically brought by firms like Henley & Henley, P.C., on contingency fee agreements. That is the client Read More