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Qualified immunity laws encourage cops to use excessive force


Here is the latest about Walker v . Wilburn

Firm settles excessive force claim for $150,000

The Dallas City Council approved on Wednesday this $150,000 excessive force settlement that we obtained in Curtis v. Mosher.

What to think about before a bicycle accident

If you ride a bike or (motorcycle) a lot, and own a car, get your insurance agent to INCREASE your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The state minimum limits will be wholly inadequate when you get hit by 4,000 pounds of steel at 20 miles an hour or more.

Texting in school zones is no longer legal in Texas.

Texting in school zones is no longer legal in Texas. Passed in the 2013 Legislature, Section 545.4252 of the Texas Transportation Code creates a new offense for “distracted driving,” which prohibits the use of wireless devices in school zones unless the driver is parked or stopped.

Medical images

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We will keep you updated on the Kelvion Walker case

The firm will continue to update our clients and the community with details regarding Kelvion Walker v. Amy Wilburn.  The case has received significant local media coverage in stories like these.; The firm has filed an amended complaint, and is awaiting the filing of an original answer by Defendant Amy Wilburn.

On January 1st prosecutors must turn over more evidence to defendants

Since the United States Supreme Court decided Brady v. Maryland in 1963, prosecutors across the country have been required to disclose exculpatory evidence.  Such evidence may help establish innocence, or indicate that a lesser crime was committed.  Brady evidence is material if “there is a reasonable probability that a conviction or sentence would have been different had these materials been Read More